I’m a Brazilian creator based in Brooklyn, NY, working as an impact strategist and producer operating at the intersection of culture and community, harnessing the power of art and storytelling to drive positive change. I was the lead impact producer for the Peabody and Sundance Winner, Emmy nominated and Oscar shortlisted documentary The Territory, and the fiction feature How To Blow Up A Pipeline. I’m part of Doc Society’s Climate Story Fund strategist bench, and recently joined Nia Tero as impact producer for a series of films collaboratively made with Indigenous groups across all five continents. Through both authorial projects and in collaboration with other creators, I continuously strive to contribute to human development in harmony with others species and the planet, fostering meaningful and lasting impact.//
Eu trabalho como artista, estrategista e produtora de impacto na interseção entre cultura e justiça social, aproveitando o poder da arte e narrativas para impulsionar mudanças positivas. Liderei a campanha de impacto do documentário The Territory, vencedor do Prêmio Peabody e do Festival de Sundance, indicado ao Emmy e pré-selecionado para o Oscar, e também do longa-metragem de ficção How To Blow Up A Pipeline. Faço parte do quadro de estrategistas de impacto do Climate Story Fund da Doc Society e recentemente me juntei à Nia Tero como produtora de impacto para uma série de filmes feitos em colaboração com grupos indígenas dos cinco continentes. Através de projetos autorais e em colaboração com outros criadores, busco continuamente contribuir para o desenvolvimento humano em harmonia com outras espécies e o planeta, promovendo um impacto significativo e duradouro. 

Exhibitions and performances include //
Exposições individuais e performances
New York City Artist Corps - Central Park, New York; Art Connects’ Participatory Art Fair, Fulton Projects - Chelsea, New York; Voids, vacuums and Ghosts, The Yard Columbus Circle, New York; Emotion Blindness: An Art fiction, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, New York; Ambi valentia, Casamata, Rio de Janeiro. Judson Memorial Church, Ideal Glass, IPCNY, National Academy Museum, Grace Exhibition Space, SVA Flatiron Project Space, AW Asia with IDSVA, SVA Westside Gallery, EAV Parque Lage, Teatro Ipanema with Capacete, Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro.

You can find samples of my work in a variety of social justice related issues below// Abaixo estão exemplos do meu trabalho em diversos temas relacionados com justiça social

Impact campaigns //
Campanhas de impacto

□ Wayfinders Circle film series, Global (2023-24) - NIA TERO

□ How To Blow Up a Pipeline, USA (2023)

□ The Territory, Global (2022)

□ Não Bata Eduque, Brasil (2007-09)
□ Jovem em Movimento, Rio de Janeiro (2008-09)
□ Campanha do Desarmamento, Brasil (2004-05)

Curatorial and production //
Projetos de curadoria e produção artística

□ Right Place, Right time: becoming a master printer with Robert Blackburn, exhibition and catalogue (2021)
□ NYC A Arts Festival at Judson Memorial (2015-2019)
□ Kcaraccio Printmaking Collection (2015-present)

Publications, research and reporting //
Publicações, pesquisa e reportagem

Smoke Signal Monitor (2021-2022)

Meet the volunteer brigades and artists fighting forest fires and deforestation in Brazil, 2022

Meet the coalition resisting the global push for land privatization in Brazil, Waging Non Violence, 2021

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Education and training toolkits //



+□ Who profits from Prisons and Jails?, with Center for Urban Pedagogy and Bushwick Leaders High School.