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  1. an imperfect metaphor, allegory. anthropomorphism. ready-made analog. attempts at the understanding of all things.

Chance Operations compiles samples of Marianna Olinger’s art, research and organizing work. Brazilian-luxembourguish, born in Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Marianna makes experimental models to test possible functional, aesthetic and theoretical scenarios intended to inspire and contribute to human development in harmony with other species and the planet. 

Investigations on language and memory have resulted in works that reflect on the passage of time and energy. Identity and politics have also been recurrent themes, both autonomously and in collaboration with other people. Experimentation is at the core of the practice. Chance plays an important role in the research, as well as scientific methods of investigation.

Marianna studied arts both in Rio de Janeiro (Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage) and New York (National Academy of Arts and Design). She also has degrees in urban planning (Ph.D., Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), social policy and planning (M.Sc., London School of Economics) and administration (B.Sc., Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina). She worked extensively as a researcher and activist in themes related to social justice (for further references related to that and publications see Earthly Issues).

For the on going collaboration with artist Keren Moscovitch see

Selected Art Shows

2018     Voids, Vacuums and Ghosts
                  The Yard - Columbus Circle, NY
2016     Emotion Blindness: An Art fiction
                 Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY
2013     Ambi valentia
                  Casamata, Rio de Janeiro

2019    Art Connects New York’s Participatory Art Fair, NY
            13th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival, Judson Memorial, NY
2018    No Grey Zone: Stories We Tell in Black and White, 
                Ideal Glass, NY
           Angel Ocupa NISE (2018), Rio de Janeiro
           12th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival, Judson Memorial, NY
2017    New York Print Week - IPCNY's Printfest, NY
            11th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival, Judson Memorial, NY
            VI Creative Mischief , National Academy Museum, NY 
2016    10th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival, Judson Memorial, NY
            V Creative Mischief, National Academy Museum, NY   
            Emotion, Discovery and Illusion: Between Art and
, National Academy Museum School, NY
2015    The Sphinx Returns | Grace Exhibition Space, NY
            Concerning Human Understanding, Flatiron Project     
               Space, NY
            The Artist As Philosopher, AW Asia and  IDSVA, NY
            9th NYC Anarchist Art Festival. Judson Memorial, NY       
            Experiments in Self Portraiture,
                National Academy Museum and School, NY
            IV Creative Mischief, National Academy Museum, NY
            Run Rabbit Run, SVA Westside Gallery, NY
            Colóquio Faculdade Angel Vianna, Rio de Janeiro
            Digital Urbano Mostra de Vídeos, EAV Parque Lage, RJ
            #three3some project, Instagram
2012    “Exposição”, curated by Capacete, Teatro Ipanema, RJ
            Séries Gráficas em Processo, EAV Parque Lage, RJ
2011    Cotidiano e Mobilidade, EAV Parque Lage, RJ
            Outros cinemas, Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro, RJ


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