As One (Flag project)
Started in 2011

The flag project is a symbolic act. An attempt to break artificial borders created by nation states by deconstructing official flags and sewing the pieces back together as one unified flag

When the project started (2011), under the influence of emergent insurgent movements like the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, my idea was to de-construct each flag inspired in an insurgent movement from the flag's country's past. I wanted to remember defeated insurgent movements in the era of nation states.

As of 2018, I decided that deconstructing the flags will come along with sowing the flags together, making a new flag. A giant unified transnational flag. A poetic act, in a fractured world.

Please reach out if you want to donate your country's flag to the project! Email me

Flags donated to the project to date:

A Little More History

The first flag donated to the project and deconstructed was Chile's. The flag was donated to the artist by a former member of the secondary students movement that resisted to Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in the early 1980's. After a while, the flags of Colombia and Portugal were donated to the project, but amid my research on what insurgent movements I was going to get inspiration from those countries, the world changed, or did my feelings.