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Ripples in space —
  1. an imperfect metaphor, allegory. anthropomorphism. ready-made analog, digital and telepathy. attempts at the understanding of all things

visual speculations of the cosmos and particles through prints and drawings 
started in 2016

Intergalactic Planetary (2016)
Planetary Intergalactic (2016)
Another Dimention (2016)
Black Hole (2017)
charcoal drawing on HMP
36” x 36” each

Celestial Bodies #1- 4, 2016
monoprint and collage
16" x 16" each


The Book of Neptune, 2018
handprinted on Evolon
8.5” x 5.5”

Particules, 2017
charcoal drawing on Evolon 
24” x 16” each