don't take yourself too seriously is an attempt to induce time travel. it is also part of an exploration on memory and the passage of time.

Installation, Performance
On going project, initiated in 2012.

When I had the sentence "don't take yourself too seriously" tattooed on the inside of my right arm in 2012, after spending a month in an art residency in New York, I thought most people would never notice (it was meant to be a self reminder). On the subway back home from the tattoo studio, I caught someone discreetly taking a photo of my arm. A week later, when this project was born.

The project

I had a plate made to press a silent record. The idea was to have the record playing as part of a larger installation where the white noise, coming from the needle touching the media, would activate memories. The project became a life long enterprise as I decided to press one record for every year of my life (and keeping pressing a new one every year until I die). All records are numbered according to my years of existence as an artifice to activate memories in a specific way. The record is single sided. On one side, the memories one can access, on the other, a reminder of how much we forget.

"The progression is not linear"


Casamata, Rio de Janeiro, 2013

The piece has been shown as an installation (where the record of the year plays in loop as the others sit aside) and as a performance, where people gather to listen to the different years and share memories.


At Brooklyn Phono, New York, 2012