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  1. an imperfect metaphor, allegory. anthropomorphism. ready-made analog. attempts at the understanding of all things.

In collaboration with Keren Moscovitch
Since 2012

Shortly after meeting in 2012, Keren and I began a long-distance collaboration about intimacy: the Doppelgänger Project. Reciprocally unknown to each other, we set up a 39-day structured correspondence, an existential meditation. Memories interweaving with our present lives, we played an intricate game defined by territorial and emotional displacements. Daily, we shared words, sounds and images: a multilingual, multimedia dialectical exchange in nonlinear flux. The collaborative process has become an experimental space for the investigation of Self-Other relations and the construction of identity. Out of this initial correspondence, we have catalogued over 90 pieces and a meta-conversation in a weekly joint studio practice. Six years later, we continue creating new artworks that bring to the surface the subtexts contained in both of these original exchanges as we deconstruct and reconstruct our correspondence. For more information access: