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What Police Accountability Looks Like in NYC?

After school program + social justice research + documentary

During the fall of 2020 I partnered with Center for Urban Pedagogy and Red Hook Community Justice Center to develop an after school remote program using project-based curricula to enable high school students to explore fundamental questions about how the city works, using collaborative research, art and design.

 The documentary “God Cops, Bad Cops, More Cops, No Cops” (22 min.) premiered on January 2021.


Multimedia project
in collaboration with Thiago de Mello Bueno

We aim to empower individuals to improve their indoor air quality, and benefit from the positive psychological impacts attributed to plants while having a substantial aesthetic impact in the environment. Using design, science and technology, Ka’aguy fosters a DIY approach, by sharing accessible knowledge on ambient design, indoor plant cultivation and propagation, soil making, and simple microcontroller automation.

Participatory Art Fair, Arts Connect New York and NYCHA’s Fulton Houses, NY

PBTFs were popularized by a NASA experiment in the 1980s, in which scientists demonstrated the ability of certain indoor plants to remove gaseous pollutants from indoor air. Indoor air botanical filtration is still evolving and is not yet popularised, most implementation depends on costly alternatives available mostly to corporations and high income households. Drawing on N.A.S.A.’s research on indoor air filtering through harnessesing botanical biofiltration, we’re currently working on prototype #2 of a modular indoor air biofilter (a.k.a. plant-assisted biotrickling filter - PBTF).

Prisons and Jails: Who Pays the Price? 

With Center for Urban Pedagogy and Bushwick Leaders High School
Project based curricula + zine

In-class project-based curricula for public high school students, designed to help connect teachers’ core curricula to civics education using art and design as tools to research the city.


Participating students:
Anderson Almonte, Jon Luke Acosta, Eyman Alnajar, Hajer Alnajar, Daniela Arriaga, Stiven Aybar Santos, Emely Baez, Niurka Blacio, Isaiah Bruno, Jessica Caba, Christina Cephus, Pamela Clase Morillo, Dallelin Collado, Carlos Corsino Perez, Eury Corniel Peralta, Andrew Cruz Mercedes, Jennifer Cruz, Matthew Cruz, Brian Diaz, Edgar Feliz, Sergio Flores, Armando Flores Reyes, Khari Foster, Anthony Francisco, Jermaine Frazier, Emmanuel Fredericks, Diosty Garo, Osceri Giron, Andrew Gomez, Leslie Gomez, Janais Gonzalez, Jose Gomez, Javier Guerra Jr, Germary Hernandez Ovalles, Helen Hernandez Ovalles, Philip Hofmann, Alayna Holmes, Marquise Horne, Keren Huerta, Omar Jaiteh, Ashley Laurent, Roy Leon, Leticia Leonardo, Sharkim Lockwood, Karla Lozano, Matthew Madera, Mekhi Mansano, Jerry Marin, Stephanie Marquez, Juan Mayol Jr., Jennifer Martinez Donzalez, Grisvel Mena, Anaya Mongo, Esthefani Moran, Kia Morant, Jasson Muy Gomez, Yineidy Nunez, Antonio Onofre Diaz, Emely Ortiz Rodriguez, Justin Ospina, Ty-Ana Otero, Brianna Ozoria, Dany Pacheco, Neil Peraza, Eliah Perez, Yauris Pichardo Payano, Johanna Pichardo Marun, Luis Ponce, Saida Quispi Andagana, Alex Reyes, Kiara Reyes, Landy Reyes, Juan Reynoso, Johangel Reyes Lopez, Alex Rivera, Marianny Rivera, Jeremiah Rivera, Justin Rogers, Lisa Robles, Isiah Rodriguez, Jose Ridriguez, Smailing Rodriguez, Victor Rodriguez Bueno, Maria Rodriguez, Joel Rosario, Arieta Rosario Martinez, Richard Romero, Hilary Rosell, Joshua Ross, Victoria Ross, Kaliiah Russell, Elias Sanchez-Oropeza, Misiel Santelises, Andres Santos Rodriguez, Geovanny Soler, Jahquel Stubbs, Yasmin Umana, Josue Valle, and David Velez Maldonado.

Other useful resources on the issue:
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