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  1. an imperfect metaphor, allegory. anthropomorphism. ready-made analog. attempts at the understanding of all things.

Lines series
Started in 2013

Seasons, 2016
Drypoint print - set of 4, edition of 14
Japanese machinemade kozo paper,
38 ½" X 25" each (paper size)

Untitled, 2015
Etching - set of 7, edition of 7
Yasutomo Aitoh's Sumi-E Washi paper
18" x 12" each (paper size)

On(e) Line, 2016
Book #1

Migration Books, 2015
Threads and fabric on Evolon

Line of Flight, 2013
Installation - video, photography, writing, sculpture
SVA Westside Gallery, NYC

The line of flight marks: the reality of a finite number of dimensions that the multiplicity effectively fills; the impossibility of a supplementary dimension, unless the multiplicity is transformed by the line of flight; the possibility and necessity of flattening all of the multiplicities on a single plane of consistency or exteriority, regardless of their number of dimensions.” 
Giles Delueze and Feliz Guatarri

Line of flight (Fugue) video - part of The Line of flight Installation. 

Special Thanks to Daniel McNeil (1976 - 2016), who offered me invaluable inspiration, helped me find my line of fligh as a novice sailing on New York waters.