Started in 2014, this series is part machine-made/ everyday-objects survey, part transformation, part meditation. The pieces are handmade unique prints where images are created using the machine made shapes – boxes of products I consume and repurpose as stencils. Images portray the absence of the object, the void, and its ghosts, marks left on the plate after an object has been removed as the plate goes through the press a second time.

Studio installation: Void and Ghost, singles 2016-2019 (15” x 11” each)

Installation at Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, National Academy of Arts and Design, 2016 (22” x 15” each) 

22" x 30"
Void and Ghost Dyptich #3

water, fire
earth, air

the ultimate brave effort
not an act of despair
zones of immaterial perception
source of wisdom
connections of time and space

the void remains vast and unexplored
the illusion we are separate
the voice of emptiness

the leap into the void
desire to fall
in the end, space
symphonies without sound

(from the studio)

Kathy Caraccio Printmaking Studio, 2018. New York.